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Founded over 55 years ago during the height of the Apollo Space Program, Rudzinsky Associates (RA) has been at the forefront of talent acquisition in lasers, optics, and photonics technology. We've aided clients in advancing technology from UV to IR lasers, ultrafast to quantum, fiber optics in sensing and telecom, and electronic imaging. RA has continuously supported our clients' talent needs and professionals' career advancement in biomedical, industrial, scientific, and defense applications.

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Jenifer Bunis has spent 30 years working in the laser industry in engineering, sales, and senior management. She brings her unique perspective as an industry insider, as a candidate, and as a client. Howard Rudzinsky has spent 40 years fulfilling organizations' talent needs and advancing the careers of countless professionals. We apply our experiences, our unparalleled accomplishments, and an unrivaled network of industry and academic contacts to help clients and candidates domestically and internationally with their important talent needs and personal career objectives. RA is tuned to your wavelength.



Our deep optics expertise, extending back to the space programs of the 1960s and 1970s, ensures our depth of knowledge in passive and active optical systems.

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Unrivaled photonics industry experience, contacts, and connections ensure RA seamlessly connects professionals to cutting edge photonics clients and technology.

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RA’s direct laser industry experience and a background in all different laser types and applications ensure that we link skills and talent with evolving laser technology.

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Our optics and photonics talent services offer an unrivaled subject matter expertise and direct industry experience that is disruptively effective for our client organizations and for professionals.