Rudzinsky Associates

Optics and Photonics Industry Recruiters

Established over half a century ago, Rudzinsky Associates has grown to become the optics and photonics community's recruiters that our specialized sector turns to for the talent essential to scientific advancement and professional growth.

Our journey, rich in tradition and innovation, is cemented in the heart of the optics, photonics, and laser domains. With an unparalleled combined 70 years of industry experience and 55 years of continuous operations, our legacy is not just about years but the countless success stories we've been a part of—stories of triumph, service, and connection.

Why We Stand Apart

Accuracy. Ingenuity. Understanding.

The optics and photonics disciplines are defined by accuracy and precision. What truly differentiates us is our scientific orientation and our commitment to these disciplines' meticulous and detailed nature. We are more than just recruiters; we are professionals who have lived the nuances of the optics world. This unique blend of domain-specific knowledge allows us to:


Speak Your Language

Our optics and photonics industry recruiters can effectively communicate with the most advanced and innovative professionals the industry has to offer, and we share the passion you hold for lasers, optics, and photonics.


Understand the Science

Our firsthand experience in optics, photonics, lasers, and all allied disciplines ensures we not only match skill sets but also understand the intricate technologies our clients employ.


Deliver Precision

Our talent acquisition services range from emerging engineers to C-suite executives, providing precise matches that foster organizational growth and individual success.


Our Commitment

Always adding value.
Consistently on the cutting edge.

We pride ourselves on the lasting relationships we've built over the years. Our commitment goes beyond talent acquisition; it's about adding value as partners, solving technical challenges, and propelling success. Many of our industry ties span decades, a testament to the personal and professional approach we uphold.

Whether you're a cutting-edge company seeking top-tier talent or a professional aiming to accomplish and discover more, our doors are always open, and our network is always available.

Our Leadership

Rudzinsky Associates is a proud member of NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network of over 550 firms.

Howard Rudzinsky

Sr. Talent and Organizational Consultant

Jenifer Bunis

Sr. Talent Consultant

Explore Our Optics Expertise

Our expertise extends throughout the optics and photonics disciplines and its allied verticals. Dive deep into our vast array of services and see how we can focus on your specific needs. From optics, photonics, lasers, imaging, optoelectronics, electro optics, fiber optics, and beyond, our domain mastery is unmatched.