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Within the optics, lasers, and photonics sectors, Rudzinsky Associates stands as a beacon of unrivaled expertise. We are committed to not only identifying highly specialized scientific talent and leadership, but also comprehending the real-time changes and advancements in industry science and technology domain spaces. This commitment, bolstered by our vast experience, uniquely positions us to recognize and champion the finest talent within the optics, photonics, and allied disciplines. We don’t just recruit and acquire talent for our clients—we resonate with the scientific heartbeat of the optics and photonics community worldwide.

Optics Expertise

The realm of optics is vast, encompassing everything from micro optical/nano components to the largest ground, naval, airborne, and space based optical systems. Our expertise in optics recruiting shines brightly here, illuminated by years of understanding and connection to optical manufacturing, coating, assembly, alignment, and metrology.

Rudzinsky Associates isn’t just another name in optics and photonics recruiting; we are a shining beacon. With an in-depth understanding of optical components, assemblies, and systems, we bridge the gap—between industries, research, OEM, biomedical, telecom, and the military, covering the full spectrum from UV to far infrared (IR).

Placed Optics Positions Include:
  • Optical Engineers
  • System Designers
  • Research Scientists
  • Lens Designers
  • Optical Fabrication Specialists
  • Optical Engineering Managers, Directors, and VPs
  • Sales Engineers, Sales Managers, Directors, VP’s
  • Business Development, Product Managers
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Photonics Expertise

Photonics is a field of endless possibilities and increasing applications. Our expertise in this domain is backed by real-world experience and an unmatched network.

Our prominence and decades-long accomplishments in optics and photonics talent acquisition stand as a testament to our dedication. Whether it’s about capturing, transmitting, or detecting the elusive photon, we understand the broad umbrella of scientific, industrial, biomedical, and defense applications that photonics holds and connect organizations with the best minds in the business.

Placed Photonics Positions Include:
  • Photonics Engineers
  • Application Scientists
  • Product Development Engineers
  • Fiber-Optic Technologists
  • Photonic Integrated Circuit Specialists
  • Managers, Directors, VP’s, CTO’s
  • Sales Engineers, Sales Managers, Directors, VP’s
  • Business Development, Product Managers
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Laser Expertise

The realm of lasers has revolutionized life in multiple applications: industrial, biomedical, scientific, communications, defense, and more. Our hands-on experience in this discipline has made us the top choice for optics and photonics recruiting. From gas, dye, excimer, solid-state, semiconductor, and diode to fiber lasers we have witnessed and participated in their varied applications, be it in research, biomedical, telecommunications, military, or sensing. Our laser-focused approach ensures the right talent match for these critical roles.

Placed Laser Positions Include:
  • Laser Physicists
  • Laser System Engineers
  • Diode Laser Specialists
  • Laser Service, Test, Calibration Technicians
  • Laser Engineering, R&D Managers, Directors, and VP’s
  • Sales Engineers, Sales Managers, Directors, VP’s
  • Business Development, Product Managers
  • and more
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Allied Disciplines

We understand the interconnected nature of the optics and photonics industry and its allied verticals, further bolstering our reputation within these other essential verticals. From imaging to optoelectronics, electro-optics, and fiber optics, our expertise branches out into various disciplines, ensuring a holistic approach to talent acquisition in these pivotal sectors.

Placed Allied Disciplines Include:
  • Imaging Scientists
  • Optoelectronics Engineers
  • Electro-Optic Sensor Developers
  • Integrated Optic Professionals
  • Nanophotonic Engineers
  • Engineering, R&D Managers, Directors, and VPs
  • Account, Regional, National Sales Professionals
  • Sales Leaders, Directors, VPs
  • and more
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Laser Focused

More About Our Services

Our expertise isn’t limited to the fields mentioned. Dive deeper to understand the comprehensive range of services we provide and how we can be your value-adding partner in talent acquisition.

Case Studies

A History of Success in Optics and Photonics

At Rudzinsky Associates, we pride ourselves on our ability to find, assess, source, and acquire the right talent for the right client need. Here are a few of our success stories.