The Highest Level

Optics, Photonics, and Laser Talent Acquisition

Rudzinsky Associates is the definitive source for optics and photonics talent acquisition and executive search services. With over five decades of experience in service to the optics, laser, and photonics industry, our record of accomplishment from the engineering level to the CEO/presidential level is outstanding. Starting in 1968, our journey has been dedicated to finding the paramount talent for the optics and photonics community.


Talent Acquisition
and Executive Search

Rudzinsky Associates’ roots trace back to pioneering organizations like Itek Corporation and Avco Everett Research Laboratory, which spearheaded early innovations in optical imaging, telescope systems, and high-energy laser technologies. Since our inception, we have specialized in identifying top-tier, "A" talent at all levels for the optics, laser, and photonics industry. Howard Rudzinsky and Jenifer Bunis lead our optics and photonics executive search team. With a combined experience of over 65 years in the industry, they lead every talent identification, sourcing, evaluation, and acquisition project personally.


Technical and Management Consultant / Board Search

Whether you need a specialized technologist, a board member, or to build your sales team, RA is here to help. We can provide technical, management, and sales leaders as short-, medium-, and long-term consultants to our clients as well as full time employees.

Our rich history and intimate knowledge of the industry and community make us the preferred partner when seeking influential board members and consultants. Speak to Howard Rudzinsky and Jenifer Bunis today and harness the benefits of our optics and photonics executive search and talent acquisition proficiency for your organization's growth.


A Clear Choice

Why Choose Rudzinsky Associates?

Our history is intertwined with the growth and advancements of optics and photonics science and technology. The expertise and legacy we bring to the table are unparalleled, making us the preferred choice for organizations aiming to onboard top-tier talent. Let us be your trusted partner in your optics and photonics talent search and career actualizing journey.

How You Can Engage With RA

RA can be most successful for our clients talent needs working on an "engaged" basis. Engaged talent projects offer the greatest success, most dedicated efforts, and best terms. Clients can additionally work with RA on an exclusive contingency basis or contingency basis.