Howard Rudzinsky headshot

Howard Rudzinsky

President | Sr. Talent and Organizational Consultant

Howard Rudzinsky is a native of the Boston Massachusetts area and in 1980 received his BA from the University of Rochester and in 1986 an MBA from Northeastern University. Howard joined Louis Rudzinsky Associates in 1984 after several years in high technology manufacturing management including the manufacture of electro optical devices for RCA Automated Systems. Since 1984 Howard has concentrated his efforts on providing talent acquisition, recruitment, placement, human resources consulting and search services to the Optics, Laser, Photonics and allied disciplines areas on a nationwide and international basis.

Since that time, Howard has helped numerous Optical and Photonics client organizations satisfy their difficult talent acquisition requirements. Howard’s experience in Optics, Lasers and Photonics includes all commercial, industrial, OEM, and defense applications. Whether the client organization is a younger emerging start up organization, or a more established industry leader, Howard has provided talent acquisition, search, recruitment and placement services encompassing professionals at all levels from technician to “C” level management including Presidents and CEO’s.

Howard’s experience includes extensive involvement in: Optics Fabrication/Manufacturing, components and systems, Electro Optical devices and systems, commercial and military applications, Fiber Optics, telecom and non-telecom applications, Laser devices and systems, Optoelectronics, Imaging, and Instrumentation. As a result of his/RA’s extensive experience and accomplishment in Lasers, Optics, Photonics, clients are able to draw on a wealth of resources, including industrial, academic and affiliate to satisfy their talent requirements in a timely, cost-effective fashion. Concurrently, Howard has worked equally hard to advance the careers of thousands of professionals. Optics, Laser and Photonics Professionals benefit from Howard’s industry knowledge, experience, and contacts, resulting in career actualizing advice that leads to career advancement and professional growth and development.

Rudzinsky Associates is a proud member of NPAworldwide, a global recruitment network of over 550 firms.