Multinational Laser Company with US Division seeks CEO/President for US Ops – Client

The Situation

A 900mm Imaging, Graphic Arts / Laser Division of a Fortune 500 Co is opening an R&D Center of Excellence in the US, (1 of only 5 in the world) and needs a GM.  A European Laser Co. with a Western US Div is seeking a President / CEO for its 20 mm division US operation.  Both clients engaged RA for a dedicated engaged search, for the best results. 

The Challenges

The new R&D Center of Excellence needed that unique individual with the ability to staff, start up, and run a new operation, but with a dynamic business track record to grow into a larger role running 50mm of operations.  The Western CEO role for the 20mm Laser Division required a unique Laser/Photonics Industry professional with the ability to run a 20-million-dollar business but do it in a Western / “lifestyle” location that wouldn’t be attractive to most candidates and their families. 

RA Actions

RA’s extensive network of Industry contacts honed over 30 years quickly identified a former candidate, who had become a client, who was well known in the Optical/Photonics space, available for a new challenge, as well as several other qualified candidates.  For our European client, we suggested several candidates.  The client was receptive to a candidate who had run a business unit, but never been a President, who RA had identified as a unique talent to lead this business.  Also, the candidate had a connection to this unique location and was receptive to the lifestyle western location.  


Rudzinsky Associates, successfully completed both talent projects in a timely manner.  The Fortune 500 Co. shortly thereafter promoted the RA referred candidate to be responsible for 100mm+ of business.  The European client who hired a new CEO/President, saw that person grow the business 20%+ over a several year period.