Start up / Emerging Optics/Photonics client seeks VP Engineering / CTO – Client

The Situation

An Optical / Photonics Incubator established company, financed by early, angel, seed investment, is seeking a VP Engineering to help progress its demonstrated technology through the development cycle to working prototype product.  An established, but highly secretive Engineering services Client in the Bay Area is seeking a scientist to do energy related optical test / measurement work in furtherance of a confidential customer project.  Both clients engaged RA for these talent projects. 

The Challenges

The incubator established client, is seeking someone with larger company engineering technology development leadership experience who would be willing to trade salary for equity and the potential to grow exciting new technology in a difficult to recruit for Northeast US location.  The Bay area client is seeking specialized skills in spectroscopy and other aspects of optical / photonics test / measurement but cannot tell RA or candidates detailed information about the work even with signed NDA’s.  Additionally, it is the most expensive area in the country to attract people to. 

RA Actions

Through RA’s extensive affiliation with universities, and leading research organizations, RA is able to identify an attractive post doc candidate for the Bay Area client and help the client structure an attractive package to attract this person from the Mid Atlantic US to the Bay Area.  For our Northeast client, RA was able to find a candidate at the stage in their life and career that growing an Engineering organization and developing a technology to prototype stage and beyond was very attractive.  The significant early-stage equity (2-5%) was presented by RA as an attractive offset to the stability and higher salary of his more established employer and position. 


The Northeast VP Engineering candidate was hired and was so successful that they were made President in 6 mos.  They are making substantial technology and product progress to this date in 2024.  The PhD Scientist joined the secret Bay Area organization and is enjoying a very attractive compensation package and exciting energy related R&D work.