Candidate: Transition from Academia to Industry, and transition to a more business-oriented role

The Situation

A PhD Scientist in Academia/Research is seeking an Industrial opportunity.  Another candidate is working in industry as an engineer/scientist, and would like a more business driven, “front facing” role.

The Challenges

Many organizations are initially hesitant to hire unproven technology professionals coming from academia into industrial roles.  Other organizations don’t like to lose their leading engineers / scientists to customer driven roles.  Both situations require RA’s expertise in talent screening, talent identification, to present these candidates to our clients for different roles, advocating on their behalf.

RA Actions

RA, knowing our client’s culture, environment, and the skills and knowledge profiles for successful employees so well, are able to present “out of the box” candidates to our clients for consideration with credibility.  Our clients will talk to these candidates.


Our client, a top 3 Scientific Laser Manufacturer, hired the PhD Scientist to be a Regional Account Manager in Sales, because as a former customer of lasers in their lab, they knew intuitively what a successful Account Manager was, how they acted to get their business.  They were a natural, becoming a multimillion-dollar sales leader in their first year.  The other candidate, a working engineer / researcher, moved into Applications Engineering, applying their detailed technology knowledge to help our client’s prospective and existing  customers solve their technology problems and adding to the sales cycle.