Candidates life situation necessitates geographic / career change.

The Situation

Candidates, for a variety of family, personal reasons need to, or want to relocate to a different location.

The Challenges

Differing cost of living in different areas, kids in school, a spouse or significant other’s current position, a house to sell, an apartment lease to break.

RA Actions/Results

A laser scientist on the East Coast with specialized laser skills, seeks to relocate to the Pac NW, to be nearer to siblings, cousins, a grandmother for their kids.  RA has a relationship with a laser technology client, and we introduce the candidate to the client, and the client creates a role for this candidate, recognizing their talent/potential, and draw to their location.  An Optical Systems Engineering Project Leader has personal ties to the Tri-State (NY, NJ, PA) of a client of RA’s, but his family is situated in South Carolina and doesn’t want to move.  RA negotiates with the client and candidate to present a workable commuting arrangement that satisfies all parties.  A candidate completing their PhD in the UK desires relocation to a particular Northeast location upon completion of their PhD.  RA had several clients in that geography and introduced them to those clients.  One client was excited and ended up hiring this person.